Elements of Go Life International Limited

In executing our mission, Go Life International Limited relies on the following companies to bring a healthier life to people across the globe by engaging a holistic medical approach to the needing market.

Go Life Healthcare

Go life Healthcare is home to the Group’s main product lines, including Gotha Health Products, Aud

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Bonhealthcare operates four frail care facilities and one Alzheimer clinic within the Western Cape...

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Biotech Nutra

Biotech Nutra provides the Go Life Group with innovative and relevant products through research ...

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Making a difference…

Ultimately the question of what it means to “make a difference” belongs to the moral philosophy framework. The Go Life Group of companies, diverse and multi-disciplined as they may be, shares the following view in principle: The number of people whose lives you improve, and by how much you improve them.

Go Life’s principles are glued in offering the market excellent service, ease of use and an extraordinary product range. The Go Life management team strives to better our service and the quality of our products as an ongoing project. We gladly invite you to participate by offering suggestions and/or constructive criticism. You are welcome to communicate your opinion by clicking the link below.

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