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About Us

Go Life International is a multi-faceted healthcare company offering a comprehensive all-inclusive product range; addressing market needs from pharmaceutical, generic, nutraceutical, medical consumables through to high end sophisticated hospital equipment.

Go Life International Limited is registered in the Republic of Mauritius and was listed on the SEM on 07 July 2011. The Company successfully completed a secondary listing on the Alternative Exchange (“AltX”) of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) on 23 November 2016.

Go Life, as a multi-faceted healthcare entity, is able to offer a spectrum of healthcare solutions to satisfy the philosophies, values and goals associated with sensible economic healthcare principles. This is not only pertinent in healthcare but also in healthcare related commerce.

Under the general umbrella of healthcare, many disciplines are covered. This includes pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, direct marketing, packaging and distribution, retail pharmacies, medical doctors, traditional healers, clinics, hospitals, retail outlets and many more.

Healthcare should also include food production and nutrition education, dreaded disease awareness programs and probably the most important consideration, precautionary treatment and bio pharmaceutical supplement supply, to promote natural resistance to health threats.

Go Every one of the healthcare facets mentioned above offers a micro economic environment for training, skills development and sales channeling, in even the most remote rural areas of South Africa.