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Sport Water

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  • Hydrate and Re-Hydrate 4-6 times faster than with mineral water or still water
  • Recover from playing, training, racing much faster.
  • Almost no chance of cramping if you drink 40ml per kg of bodyweight per day. Drink Invert daily. Also available in 5L bottles & 19L dispenser bottles.
  • You won't feel bloated from drinking Invert water.
  • Absorb more of the nutrients what you ingest because the Invert water molecule is 2-3 times smaller than normal water molecules.
  • Hydrate cellularly because Invert water has hexagonally shaped crystals.
  • Invert water is an anti oxidant as it has a high minus charge in the water and it repairs cells.
  • Highly Alkaline - 8.5pH water that will greatly reduce acid in your body and assist in detoxing you.
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